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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

  1. Make it clear when you are an attendee (and are not allowed to speak)

    Background: I was trying to present a session, but the other end where unable to hear me speak and I was confused why.

    The reason ended up being, that the person who configure the conference, configure me up as a attendee, not a presenter. A attendee is not able to talk.

    Give a messagebox informing the user of this, rather than disable this option.

    Figure: Never disable this option - instead give a message telling the user that he is an attendee without permission to speak.
  2. Send invitation as an Outlook Appointment or provide a download link for an Outlook Appointment (.vcs file)

    Every now and then you get an invitation to a live meeting session, and you want to make sure not to miss it.
    What you want do then is to create a reminder / appointment in your calendar.
    This can be quite hard if you are in a different time zone!
    It would be helpful if a similar link found in the newsletter was displayed on the live meeting site.

    Provide a download link for an Outlook Appointment (.vcs file)
    Figure: A Live Meeting site without the link to Internet Calendar file.
    PS: The functionality of downloading an Internet Calendar file (.ics) is there in the newsletter, it’s just not per default shown on a Live Meeting site.


Adam Cogan
Lei Xu