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  1. Help me use the right words

    There are many things that look on in Windows Live Writer, but Word picks up without any problems.
    Take the Sentence above for example. How does that look in Word?

    can it pick up the wrong words?
    Figure: That's not good

    Windows Live Writer should provide the option to use the Word spelling and grammar engine.

  2. Help me to cancel a pending blog post.

    1. Include a Cancel button so I can cancel my post (I had to cancel by killing the application in Task Manager)
    2. Add some indicator text that counts down the time remaining
      e.g. "Unable to connect – 15 seconds"... then show "14 seconds", then "13 seconds" etc.
      This way I will know how long to wait (this dialog didn't go away until I killed the app)
    The pending post can't be cancel.
    Figure: "Publishing your Draft" appears indefinitely with no way to cancel


Martin Hinshelwood