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  1. Help me "Block" by group, not just by contact

    We would really appreciate a "Block Group" feature.

    Figure: Current pop-up menu in Messenger; should include 'Block Group'
  2. Help me identify additional information about contacts easily

    It would be handy to have additional columns beside each contact so I can see more information about that Contact. For example, a City column could show which city a person was in and a Time column could display the current time for that city.

    Messenger 2
    Figure: MSN Messenger; multiple columns would be nice
  3. Size Of Images In MSN Messenger - * Fixed by Microsoft in Windows Live Messenger *

    When I am having an MSN Messenger conversation with someone, the two images on the right of the text field appear to be different sizes. The effect is apparently reversed for the other member/s of the conversation.

    The images should appear as the same size.

    MSN Image Size
    Figure: The images appear to be different sizes
  4. Help me send messages to contacts even when I am offline

    When I do not have a connection to the web, I would like to still be able to see my contacts and, and to send them email. Please add an option under the file menu: File Work Offline (just like IE)

    MSN Work Offline
    Figure: I would like to be able to work offline
  5. Help me tell people I am "Out To Dinner"

    There should be the option of having your status set as 'Out To Dinner'

    MSN Work Offline
    Figure: There should be an 'Out To Dinner' consistent with 'Out To Lunch'
  6. Help me use animated .gif's

    The display picture will also be able to support animated GIF's as well as static ones that MSN currently have.

    MSN Images
    Figure: MSN should allow animated images as well
  7. Paste and send screenshots - * Fixed by Microsoft in Windows Live Messenger *

    It would be extremely useful if you could copy and paste images from the clipboard into an MSN message window. Every day we need to send little screen captures to colleagues to show what we're talking about, and currently we have to take the screenshot, save it as an image and send it as a file - very tedious.

  8. Store display pictures on MSN's server

    Currently, we have the hassle of storing and uploading display pictures on each different computer we use for MSN Messenger. To eliminate this inconvenience, MSN should offer to have display pictures stored on their server, so that the picture is accessible anywhere and at anytime. This way, rather than getting it from the local machine so that everytime a person logs onto MSN in a different location, their display picture automatically displays.

    Figure: Display pictures should be stored on the MSN server so they are accessible from anywhere
  9. Add "Email selected text" option

    Currently, we can send an email by choose the user and select the "Send other --> Email".

    Figure: Send email by select the "Send other --> Email"

    It would be extremely useful if you could just copy the conversation history from an MSN message window and select "Email selected text".

    Figure: Send email by select the "Email selected text"
  10. Inform the user when not enough bandwidth to use it

    When you try and use Live Messenger over GPRS (a slow mobile phone connection) it signs in, then out, silently.... and continually.

    Then you get messages like:

    >Paul Andrew sent 22/05/2008 11:21 AM:
    >Hey Adam, why do you keep signing in and out?
    (Skype on the other hand works on this connection).

    To be clear, it is OK that it doesnt work, it is not OK that it doesnt tell the user something like:

    "Live Messenger signed you out because your connection strength was xxx and needs yyy to connect successfully"
  11. Wish Live Messenger was a smart client

    I want to see the chat history for a contact.

    Wish Messenger worked offline

    PS: Other IM clients eg. Miranda work offline

    MSN need to work offline
    Figure: MSN should allow work offline
  12. Turn off "Show Windows Live Today" by default please

    Suggest turn the "Show Windows Live Today" off by default:

    MSN need turn of 'Show Windows Live Today' by default
    Figure: Turn off "Show Windows Live Today" by default please
  13. Add a "Automatically receive attachments under 1 MB" (so you don't have to click confirm)

    Need a "Automatically receive attachments under 1 MB" (so you don't have to click confirm) on below option form:

    Need Automatically receive attachments under 1 MB
    Figure: Add a "Automatically receive attachments under 1 MB" on this form
  14. Warn when you will lose data

    When you close the window with an unsent message, there should be a warning from Live Messenger telling you that you will lose data.

    Warn to inform you that you may lose data
    Figure: Skype will warn you if you are going to close a chat window with an unsent message
  15. Add sort right click menu

    Need a sort in right click menu:

    Sort this menu
    Figure: Need a sort in this menu
  16. Add column "Categories" when search contacts

    Please add a "Categories" column when I search contacts in MSN, because some people have same name.

    No category when search
    Figure: Need a "Categories" column when search
  17. Help me simply identify the sender of a group conversation

    When I receive an message which has been sent to a group it is impossible to read from the task bar who the message was sent from.

    Properly identify the sender of a group conversation
    Figure: Properly identify the sender of a group conversation

    Help me identify the sender by stating that person first, and then listing all the participants alphabetically.

  18. Show offline contacts by group

    Right click menu - show offline contact in group
    Figure: Add right click menu option "Show hidden contacts"
  19. Live Writer 2011

    Right Click Alt Option
    Figure: Right click on image should have a 4th menu called 'Image Alt text'
    Alt Text Form
    Figure: Which takes you to this form
  20. Live Messenger - Targetted Ads Please

    I would never click on the ads that show on Live Messenger
    I am guessing asking for an option to remove the ads is not an option.:)
    So help me enjoy the ads, by giving me targeted ads.

    Remove this ad.
    Figure: We need targeted ads. I would never click on this ad
  21. Windows Live - Help me avoid moving my mouse to close a dialog

    Not sure if everyone will agree with this, but since Facebook is now the standard, please make this dialog (an others go away) after 5 seconds.
    Lots of apps need this, so even better would be for the ASP.NET team to give developers a built in control on the toolbox, that does this (using the jQuery timer framework).
    PS: I have given up asking the Windows Live team to improve the URL. :)

    The dialog should auto close.
    Figure: This dialog should auto close after 5 seconds, just like the wonderful facebook User Experience.
  22. I would love to be able to respond when I am offline E.g. in the plane

    Skype works better in this scenario.

    Respond Offline
    Figure: The window is disabled, so I cannot type a response offline, I cannot search my contacts etc.

    PS: Do we bother with suggestions like this... now that we have Microsoft Skype?


Jatin Valabjee
Adam Cogan