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  1. (Hinders TFS Integration – but I know MS Project) IMPORTANT - Help me when I am too quick

    It appears the only way forward is to open Read-Only.

    This message box comes up when you add a TFS User Story and then open Project straight away... (it is still processing a record from TFS).


    • It would be better that the default button is 'Retry', with a 'Open Read-Only' as another button.
    • Another option is to say "Close Project, wait 30 seconds and open again"
    Continue Read Only
    Figure: Continue read-only!!! Let me know the better option is to close and re-open
  2. (Hinders TFS Integration – but I know Project Server) Bug – Fix rounding error

    I would love to know how this one got through testing... mmm

    Fix the rounding errors eg. Remaining work – it should be 36 in this case

    Rounding Error Proof
    Figure: Rounding bug
    Rounding Error Proof
    Figure: Here is the proof
  3. (Hinders TFS Integration – but I know MS Project) Help me be able to have an innocent "look around" without a complicated Close dialog

    I open a project file, look around but make no changes.

    I close it and I have to study this dialog (and think "what, did I check out! Sorry I didn’t mean to, so what do I do now?")

    PS: For the 2nd question, add another choice "Undo Checkout"

    Complicated Close Dialog
    Figure: I did not make changes!
  4. (Hinders TFS Integration – but I know Project Server) – Why do I have to open Microsoft Project and then Publish

    ...to see this field update?

    Automatic Update
    Figure: Can this figure update automatically? (I seem to have to open MS Project and press 'Publish')
  5. Show me the processing history

    This is the originating UI
    Figure: I would like to see all the past records for this work item + a hyperlink to the Project Server web UI
    This is the originating UI
    Figure: I would prefer these records from the Project Server Integration, be moved to the 'Project Server' tab... so change to a grid on the other tab
  6. (Hinders TFS Integration – but I know MS Project) Remove the 100% surprise

    When I double click on this, I get a surprise when I see 3 x 100% figures.

    My suggestion is to work out the percentage per person (or remove the data in this column – it looks wrong)

    Remove Surprise
    Figure: The 100% figures, give a surprise
    Remove Surprise
    Figure: Use the figures to work out the percentage
  7. Don't give me three portals (Team Project Portal, TFSWA and PWA)

    I would love to see some integration between all the portals. One portal to rule them all that allows:

    • Entering Timesheets
    • Viewing and editing work items
    • Viewing Source control
    • Viewing Reports
    • Viewing the Project Timeline


Adam Cogan