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As with every new electronic device I purchase, I have many ideas on how they can be improved to provide the user with more information, and an easier way to understand what the device is doing!

Here is a list of some of the improvements I have come up with that would help me like the XDA II more!

  1. Bug with call waiting

    The XDA II has a bug when you try to switch between two callers.

    When you are one a call to John and another call comes in from Hannah, the XDA II automatically puts the first caller (John) on hold. However, the second call from Hannah is not picked up.

    You need to press 'Hold' and then 'Swap' to talk to the second caller (Hannah). This is a bug that needs to be fixed!

  2. Active sync issues - fixed with Active Sync 3.8

    There are active sync issues with the XDA II that need to be fixed.

  3. Auto Suggest Numbers

    The Smart Phone has the ability to recognize phone numbers whilst you are typing in the number. It provides a list of phone numbers that match the current digits you have already entered. This capability is a nice feature that makes dialling easier in the XDA II also.

  4. Increase Sound

    Even the loudest sound is not loud enough on the XDA II !

  5. UI on "Settings

    Under 'Settings' on the UI there is no option to view the power remaining on the device.

    Add a Power check box that shows the meter on the title bar when it is less than 40%.

  6. UI on the Phone

    The button Talk/End should change colour depending on the current function. For example:

    • Green when Talk
    • Red when End
    • Grey when "Disabled"

  7. Call History

    In the Call History options, add a right click item to Lookup Contact.

  8. "Current Suburb" option

    On the front Today page, add a section called Current Suburb eg. Chatswood.

    I cant believe a modern day phone doesnt have this! The phone should be able to pick this up easily from the nearest base station.

  9. Record the suburb

    On Call History record the suburb I was in when the call was made or taken.

  10. Show the number of running programs in title bar

    Too many programs open can mean problems when taking a call. So in Programs - Running Programs add a check box [x] Show Number of Running Programs in title bar

  11. Use of the "Country" field in Contacts

    When you are calling a contact in another country, what is the first thing you need to know? Their local time. Please display the current time when you open a contacts in a different time zone (use the Country field to show this)

  12. Turning off the phone

    Sometime you need to turn off the phone sometime to conserve battery sometime because the Qantas staff dont believe the Flight Mode and want it completely off! The current method for turning off the phone is not obvious as the UI is unclear. There needs to be a clearer method to do this (say in a plane). I would add it to the Phone UI.

    Currently a user has to pull out the battery to turn off the phone. Later they learn they lost their contacts, songs etc.. I would add a Start / Shutdown option and then have a confirmation screen that confirms that they will lose all their data.

  13. UI needs to give more help

    The UI needs to give more help to understand Settings / System / Permanent Save.
    Users need a text description to understand the different way a PDA works compared to a PC with a Hard Disk. Also why is the default not set to on for these checkboxes?

  14. Add a world map and world time

    The XDA II should have a world map! You should be able click anywhere on the world map and it will tell you the current time. Yes this utility is great: http://www.mobimate.com/ppc/worldmate/pro/index.shtml but it should be built into in like it is with Palm Trios.

  15. There should be a cancel button not just an ok button

    I dont understand this UI at all. How does a user say I don't want to save any changes I just made.

    Figure: There shoud be a 'cancel' button
  16. In "Contacts" there is no option to NOT save your changes

    When you change a contacts record, then change your mind, how do you say I want to cancel these changes. I expect Outlook Contact behaviour, therefore there should be the standard question. Do you want to save changes? Or at least an option in "Contacts to turn it on.

  17. Make the device work like a wireless modem for your Laptop

    It's a better way to make the device work like a wireless modem for your Laptop.

    Here is more info on that:

    Figure: PDAnet for Windows Mobile

    Software to drive your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PocketPC Phone as a Wireless Modem for your PC - PdaNet allows your PC to go online by connecting to your Windows Mobile Smartphone through the ActiveSync cable/dock. If you own a Treo 700w or PPC/XV 6700 with any data plan, PdaNet will make it your high speed wireless Internet Service for your laptop/desktop computer instantly - no extra hardware or setup necessary, no need to kill ActiveSync or perform any tricky hacking to your device whatsoever. Check out what Treo users say about PdaNet.

    Due to the none-user-friendly nature of Bluetooth and the vast variety of Bluetooth devices/drivers, we only offer the Bluetooth DUN feature as a courtesy and cannot guarantee it will work for all users, though we are confident that it works for most users based on user feedbacks. Since most issues actually come from the Bluetooth devices or drivers, we will keep the feature under beta stage and will not provide support.

    Here is the home page http://www.junefabrics.com/pdanet/

    And here is the Bluetooth info http://www.junefabrics.com/pdanet/bluetooth.htm


Adam Cogan
Rebecca Gardiner