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  2. Prefer a message box when lose the network connection

    When you lose the network connection, I would prefer a message box:

    You have lost the network connection.

    [Try Again]             [Cancel]

    But now it only show a error message tell you the error about network:

    The message when loss network
    Figure: The message when you loss network connection.
  3. Better support for right click

    At the moment you need to use various hacks to enable right click context menus in Silverlight:

    It would be nice to have a built in event like OnRightClick or use OnClick with a flag in the argument to check if it was a right click.

  4. Better support for double click

    There currently is no double click event in Silverlight 2.0. You need to use various hacks with timers to detect two clicks in a given space of time ( Silverlight 2.0 Double Click Support )
    There should be a built in event for double click just like in Windows Forms.

  5. Silverlight ignores my IE Font size request

    IE should disable this size option in the menu (when the whole page is just Silverlight). Or is it possible to make it work with Silverlight?

    Silverlight ignores my IE Font size request
    Figure: Silverlight ignores my IE Font size request.


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