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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

  1. SMS Feature should give a warning when it did not send with the correct number

    The SMS feature works great for me when sending inside Australia to an Australian mobile

    But when sending inside Australia to a US mobile (and they are in Australia) it shows a different return number (so the receiver is unable to automatically reply). In this case change: "Sent: 2/6/2008"
    To: "Sent: 2/6/2008: Warning: Your return number was not able to be sent because xxx".

    No message when SMS not be sent
    Figure: There is no warning message when the SMS have not bee sent.
  2. Don't show the contacts as green and online when I have no Internet connection

    See the "Connecting..." at the bottom. This means I have no Internet connection. Which I have not had for 20 mins:

    No Internet connection
    Figure: Have no Internet, but the Contacts still show online.

    So please don"t show the contacts as green and online, it is confusing.

  3. China can't send and receive SMS from Skype

    Dont use Skype to send SMS to China (from Australia) as it doesnt work.

    dont use Skype to send SMS from China (as Australian can't reply).

  4. Add Validation

    Obviously sms'ing people in China does not work (no idea why).

    But can you add a validation message like:

    Failed: You cannot sms people in China because xxxxx

    Add Validation
    Figure: Add a validation message when send SMS failed.
  5. Copying from an IM conversation to an email should keep the formatting

    Compare copying from a Live Messenger conversation and pasting into an email. It does a much better experience.

  6. Default Skype to have the cursor in the search text box

    Very annoying
    BTW every window in Win7 defaults the cursor to the search box

  7. Enable us to email [email protected] instead of

    Enable us to email [email protected] instead of
    Using https://support.skype.com/en/support_request

    PS: It would be good if you reply back with the URL so others can also see the suggestions

  8. Too hard to suggest a new feature

    Add a menu option under 'Help' with a link to this page

  9. Don't make Skype interfere with SQL Server

    Add a check box
    [x] Don't use any ports that SQL Server or SQL Server Express might use because it stops it from starting

  10. Help me automatically get the file

    Selecting a download location before getting a file is painful for the sender and receiver?make it work like MSN messenger does

    Remove this waiting
    Figure: Remove this 'Waiting'
  11. Hide the process bar when completed

    Sending process of the files
    Figure: The first blue bar should disappear when it hits 100%

    Please refer to this related rule about it. Long Process - Do you know that you should provide a detailed summary, play a sound and hide the progress bar at the end

  12. Help me know their Twitter address

    Add a field 'Twitter' in the profile section

    Add a twitter field
    Figure: In the profile section add a 'Twitter' field


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