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  1. Help me switch around Servers with ease

    On this dialog provide more option and more info on what you are closing.... specifically add an option group and a check box:

    Before connecting to another team project collection:
    (o) Close All (recommended)
    [x] Work items (3)
    [x] Queries (2)
    [x] Documents (0)
    (o) Leave open (5)

    [x] Don't show again

    Don't close all
    Figure: I know what I am doing.... I don't want to close everything
  2. CodedUI - Help me see the order in the new GUI for the .uitest

    I like this GUI very much

    This is a bug.
    Figure: It is not in the order that you create it - I think this is a bit of bug
  3. Help me find the one setting I changed

    I only changed it to 0.1 and it is too hard to find…
    I want to double click and *see my customized settings quickly*

    Steps to find the changes.
    Figure: It takes too many steps to find my one change to "0.1"


Adam Cogan