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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

TFS Azure – Agile Project Management

  1. Administration Mode is less than obvious

    A user does not know they are in administration mode. Why? Well the 'NorthwindScrum' project is bold and not the 'Exit Administration' link

    Figure: A user does not know they are in administration mode. Add the red cross and rename to Close Administration View
    Figure: A user does not know they are in administration mode. Add the red cross and rename to 'Close Administration View'
    Figure: Copying PowerPoint UI for its Master View mode would help
    Figure: Copying PowerPoint's UI for its Master View mode would help
  2. Move the admin stuff off the home page, into the menu drop down

    Moving this into a dropdown menu would make the home page cleaner... and this info would be available on all pages - not only when you are on the home page.

    Figure: Moving this to  menu drop down would be better
    Figure: Moving this to menu drop down would be better
  3. The back button – ooowww!

    Yes, I know it is the big things that matter :-)

    Figure: Can we have something like the top left (good example), rather than the bottom right (bad example)
    Figure: Can we have something like the top left (good example), rather than the bottom right (bad example)

    So 2 things to fix. The position of the button and the style...

    • The web has meant that navigation is now expected at the top of a form. So I would move it to the top left of the white popup form
    • Also in this case an icon would be better than text
  4. Adding a member is not so intuitive

    Figure: I want to add a 3rd member… how?
    Figure: I want to add a 3rd member… how?
    Figure: In these 2 places please add Add Member
    Figure: In these 2 places please add "Add Member"

    More Information

    This is how you do it currently... which is not too obvious

    Figure: Step 1 of adding a Member
    Figure: Step 1 of adding a Member
    Figure: Step 2 of adding a Member. Really finding this add members (underlined) hyperlink is too hard
    Figure: Step 2 of adding a Member. Really finding this "add members" (underlined) hyperlink is too hard

    PS: You don't need the text "You can add and remove members from this screen" - it is just noise

    PPS: You need to say "Adding a member is simple, just ask for their Live ID email"- it makes it clear that Live IDs are required.

  5. Nice urls don't have %20

    DefaultCollection = Good
    My Team = Bad

    I am just pointing out that if you look at the 2 arrows (below)… you have a space in one and not in the other.

    I am only referring here to the 'out of the box' experience...

    I understand some people will put spaces in their own names.

    That said: I believe that people should be warned/stopped from putting spaces into fields that render in the URL

    Figure: The green is good... the red is bad
    Figure: The green is good. The red is bad
  6. Store a list activity

    I would love to see new section 'Summary of Activity'

    I could see when the others last logged in... and what recent projects they have been working on, when they last jumped on.

    Also recent files... their checkins... the work items that they have been working on...

    PS: Links to reports would be even nicer gold plating

    Figure: Has Eric logged on? Has he done anything?
    Figure: Has Eric logged on? Has he done anything?
  7. Allow me to rename a team and keep the links working

    I can rename a team (e.g. from the auto-generated "My Team" into something more meaningful).

    However this means that all links are invalid and if users are already working with the backlog items, then they will get ugly errors.

    Figure: Rename Team?
    Figure: I want to eliminate this error message

    That is a nice error message... well as nice I have seen for a while... but the goal should be to remove this error message altogether.

    I would like to see this happen by adding in an entry into Tools | Options … auto populate it with:

    Additional URLs

    Name Description
    [ NorthindOldName ] [ (auto added from Rename) ] [  delete  ]
    [              ] [              ]

    Obviously you would not be able to name a project to one that is used (e.g. the old name NorthwindOldName) until they had removed this record.

    More Information:

    To do it you could use:
    http://urlrewriter.net/ Open Source URL Rewriter for .NET / IIS / ASP.NET
    URL Routing - system.web.routing in asp.net 4 (recommended)

    Even Better:

    If you had an extensive model (like MVC Orchard’s Gallery) then I am sure I could get Tiago Pascoal to write this add-in.

  8. I would love a Gallery

    Hi, VS team! If you had an extensive model (like MVC Orchard’s Gallery) then I am sure you could sit back and relax and let guys like Tiago Pascoal do all the work.

    Figure: Orchard example
    Figure: Make TFS Azure a platform... like MVC Orchard

    In the CMS Orchard, modules are great. They can:

    • be additional fields or functionality to existing features
    • be a widget (that you can add to various zones and layers)
    • create a new administration menu option with all kinds of wonderful new features

    So the possibilities for devs are pretty endless.

    Basic Orchard CMS website owner with no development skills can experience:

    • a wonderful array of modules via the Gallery
    • a simple Gallery where they download, install, and enable a module with only 2 clicks
    • an ever growing list of modules that keeps growing and growing as developers create more

    The community does the work. Awesome.

  9. In IE, 'Add a Favourite' should mention the Team Project name first

    Figure: Change from "Welcome - Microsoft Team Foundation Server" to "SSW - Microsoft TFS Online"
  10. TFSPreview - Intro sentences would help

    Intro sentences suggestion
    Figure: How about a sentence at the top E.g. Here the Product Owner adds user stories and prioritizes them
    Intro sentences suggestion
    Figure: How about a sentence at the top E.g. Here the team use this for their daily standups. Select the 'Person' combo on the right to highlight your items. Then proceed with answering the 3 questions for the daily standup
  11. TFSPreview - Support LiveID + Skype

    I have noticed that a lot of people (general VS devs) don't have a LiveID... or tell me they don't remember what it was.

    Now Microsoft has purchased Skype... consider allowing us to sign in with Skype?

    As a minimum it would help when LiveID is down or has cookie problems (which has been happening for years)

    LiveID authentication
    Figure: Let’s make this LiveID authentication screen less of a barrier
  12. TFSPreview – Lets improve the validation with the muscle of jQuery

    Validation should be inline using jquery etc

    Let's keep up with asana.com which has a nice responsive UI, with nice validation.

    jQuery validation bad
    Figure: Bad example – Not easy to know I have made 3 mistakes here. I don’t want to read a Message box (it is so 1980s)
    jQuery validation
    Figure: If you have not tried Asana.com for 10 minutes, you should. It is a lovely approach to work items
    jQuery validation good
    Figure: Good example – Asana.com has lovely control validation, powered by jQuery
  13. TFSPreview - unreadable on a projector

    1. The font is too small for this page – nobody could read it in the room….. totally unreadable on a projector
      Not very Web 2.0

      Note: Specifically the stuff highlighted was the problem….. it was a demo nightmare

    2. In addition there is *no way* to manually change the font of the text highlighted.
      It is a HTML field after all

    3. change font
      Figure: It is a HTML field – let me change the font – better still change the out of the box experience
  14. TFSPreview - Allow customization of the right click menu


    • Allow customization of the right click menu
    • Out of the box add menu item “Add: Bug”
    should have Add: Bug option
    Figure: I should have another option "Add: Bug"
  15. TFSPreview Board - Help me tell the difference between a Bug and a PBI

    What I would like out of the box:

    To enable me to tell if it is a bug or a bug, I would like the font to be red... Even nicer add a little Bug icon.

    What I would like in terms of global customization:

    But even better... I expect that I could define this at a global field level. Yes I know this is formatting, but I think formatting should be included in the global field level.

    Even better isolate it out into a skin/theme file... Then I could develop a cool one. Examples:

    • IBM blue - based on my company
    • Window 8 tile theme / metro
    • Apple iPad style
    which are bugs
    Figure: Currently I can't tell which ones are bugs. I would like the font to be red... Even nicer add a little Bug icon
    something different
    Figure: (Advanced) If I wanted something different to what is in the box, I would like to define it and then it would also show in other places like the backlog
  16. Help me create a roadmap for a project

    Currently there is no option for creating a roadmap containing the large stories ("Epics").

    epic checkbox
    Figure: On the PBI add checkbox "Epic". Even better give us the ability to add tags (with a built in one called "Epic")
    Figure: Add a node "Roadmap" that shows "Epics". This will be useful to put on the boardroom wall to help implement this rule: Do you have a war room?
  17. Help me to add notes for the Sprint Retrospective *during* the Sprint

    It is easy when the Sprint Retrospective time comes, to forget some of the events that have caused problems during the Sprint. Therefore people bring up things that they recall e.g things that happened in the last day or two.

    A solution is to have a place to add the notes as you go. Currently there is no place to store notes from the Sprint that we can use as part of our retrospective.

    Note: Even a link to a SharePoint wiki would do (not ideal)

    retro notes
    Figure: We need one more tab, with one field called "Retro notes"
  18. Help me to understand that my settings have been saved on the Administer account iterations page

    On a web page, generally, people expect to change options and click a save button.

    Currently when a user changes a setting, the AJAX animations appear very briefly. Many students in my Scrum class were unsure if their settings had been saved and asked:

    "Where is the save button on this page?"

    Where is the save button?
    Figure: Where is the save button? The first circle is a very unusual thin line that is meant to indicate saving is in progress. The second circles appear ever so briefly
  19. Improve Product Backlog View

    To assist with management of a large Product Backlog it would be helpful to have:

    • A column to show type (either PBI or Bug)
    • A column for severity (for Bugs)
    • Bold on the PBIs that are Epics

    PS: Customizing of columns would be nice too… but the default experience is what is important.

    Add some columns to the default experience
    Figure: Add some columns to the default experience
  20. TFSPreview - I want a URL to share with my Product Owner (aka the Customer)

    I would love a customer portal for each team project (I need a wiki and document library).

    This is how it might work...

    In SharePoint 2010 , Click Create
    Figure: In SharePoint 2010 , Click "Create"

    Come to a form to enter some parameters...

    And a link in TFSPreview.com would be added to my SharePoint (or Office365)

    More Information:

    Hook it up
    Figure: Hook it up to TFSPreview.com E.g. Enter 2 parameters such as "URL" and "Team Project Name" and then a new link appears (E.g. "SharePoint Team Portal")
    After clicking on create
    Figure: Note: This is the busted site I get today (with TFS2010 and SharePoint), if I click on "Create"
  21. TFSPreview – Add rollover on PBI Title, to indicate clickable link

    I was watching a team that did not know you could click on the "PBI title".

    In the Board View, to help make it clear that the PBI text is clickable, add a rollover as per this rule Do you underline links (and include a rollover)?

    Have a rollover on title
    Figure: On the Board tab, when hovering over the text, underline it to indicate it is clickable
  22. Board - Highlight the selected row when clicked with the mouse (in the white space of row)

    In a daily standup (and sprint review) currently it is easy to get lost regarding what item is currently being discussed.

    Please allow visually highlighting a row. It will provide some clarity around the item being discussed (during a stand up or sprint review).

    From a customer in a retro:

    "Adam, during today's session, I was forever trying to work out which item was being discussed."
    James Fox

    Allow highlighting a row
    Figure: Allow highlighting a row
  23. Have a nice URL like GitHub

    I would like a nice url to add to my Bio… such as TFSPreview.com/AdamCogan

    See below for an example:

    Github example
    Figure: Grant have a nice Gitrub URL: github.com/gskinner
  24. TFSPreview and SharePoint 2010 – looking for love

    Do what do I use for a wiki?

    This message indicates I can setup SharePoint if I start reading... I think you should save their time and say "Sorry, you cant have SharePoint Integration"

    Clicking Team Project Portal should tell me it is not supported on TFSPreview.com
    Figure: Clicking "Team Project Portal" should tell me it is not supported on TFSPreview.com
  25. TFSPreview - Adding TFS Server - avoid me getting an error

    I am hoping you can fit this into the Winnowing machine because otherwise...

    Users first experience when connecting to TFSPreview will be:

    • Click Connect
    • Type the url they think will work eg. ssw.tfspreview.com ...or the new name eg. tfs365 :-)
    • Boom - error
    Visual Studio error
    mmm...Do we want people needlessly getting this error?


    suggestion to switch to Https
    Figure: When you type 'tfspreview' then switch it to "HTTPS"
  26. Guidance on Bugs

    On my last PSD scrum course... the 1st question after demoing TFSPreview was:

    When do you choose a "bug" instead of a "PBI"?
    And what are the pros and cons?

    I am sure my answer was not the same as other trainers. And what about all other devs that don't do training... Those guys make their decisions based on their own screwed up dev experiences

    Figure: I would like some guidance with a little "info" tip here. My bug guidance is to use that term carefully. Any feedback on Is your client clear on the definition of a bug? is welcome


Adam Cogan