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  1. Add report Story Overview Report

    The SCRUM template does *not* have the "Story Overview Report" - see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd380648.aspx
    I think this is a cool report
    Showstopper in my opinion

    Bug column missing
    Figure: This important report is Missing - I like the 'bugs' column
    Report we get
    Figure: FYI These are the reports we do get
  2. Have an easy way to create Sprint Review summary email

    The scribe should be able to quickly find the most recent work items that have been added and create a summary email (include a [images attached] to the body) to send to the Podruct Owner

  3. Add an email field for work items creation/update

    On Work Items - Add an email address field (where you can add multiple emails separated by commas). These would be notified when the work item is created or updated.


Adam Cogan