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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

  1. Make it work offline

    It doesn't support offline work.
    Figure: I am on a plane and want to read offline
  2. Remove unnecessary button

    The unnecessary button.
    Figure: The red cross does the same job
  3. Make the 'refresh' button green

    The refresh button looks weird.
    Figure: make this button consistent with the button in IE
  4. Suggestions for Settings

      Improve Settings
    • Rename from "Settings" to "Options" (then it is consistent with the common Tools | Options
    • Change the horrible default on 'Press Enter to Send an Update' to False
      PS: Better option to ask them after they press 'Enter' for the first time
    • Tell me what the keyboard shortcuts are
      PS: Better would be to move to their own group
    • Add a group "Feedback" with an email address
    • Add a group "About" with the version number
    Things need to be fixed
    Figure: 5 things to fix


Adam Cogan