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1. Include and Exclude Mask Consistency
2. Rename Files or Folders * Fixed by Kinook in Visual Build Pro 6.0 *
3. Is any File Checked Out?
4. Losing focus when text is selected in a text area * Fixed by Kinook in Visual Build Pro 6.0 *
  1. Include and Exclude Mask Consistency

  2. Visual Build PRO provides two columns in certain steps, namely the step that is used for copying or moving files or folders as shown in Figure 1 below:

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 1: The "Copy" step properties showing include and exclude text areas that should be available in the "Source Safe" step properties.

    This option proves to be very useful and can be a very important option when wanting to use Source Safe to either Get latest or Check out specific files or folders.

    However Visual Build Pro does not provide the option to exclude certain masked out files or folders for the step that provides access to Source Safe as shown in Figure 2.

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 2: The "SourceSafe" step properties which only provides a text area to include items. There is no option to exclude particular files.

    Users may want to keep certain files on their local drive that have been modified. This may include the actual Visual Build Script itself.

    If the user modifies the build process while having Visual Build open, then restarts the build which could include a step to get the latest folder in source safe which may include that build script itself, it may prove to be inconvenient. If the user believes that the Visual Build script instance that is currently opened seems to be saved, this may or may not be the one stored in the local drive after the get latest step.

  3. Rename Files or Folders - * Fixed by Kinook in Visual Build Pro 6.0 *

    When dealing with files and folders, the "Copy" step seems the most likely to have what they need. Although it provides the options to copy, move, delete or replace text within files, it does not provide an option for renaming files themselves.

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 1: The "Copy" step without the option to rename files.

    Developers would find a renaming option very useful. As they build a setup file from a solution they want released, previous version numbers will continually mount up in the public folder used for release setup files. A clean up process should be made to rename any previous setup versions as we do in SSW, and "zz" them to push them down to the bottom of the file list.

    Developers using Visual Build PRO think renaming is not supported so they would have to create an extra step using a script to access the folder and rename it with the "Scripting.FileSystemObject" COM.

    When you create this step it will allow you to clean up any previous file moves that you have made from the build script.

    With the script created to provide a "clean up" of your files, the following code snippet found in Figure 2 proved to be useful.

    Set FileManagment = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set TheFolder = FileManagment.GetFolder("%BeeFolder%")
    Set FileList = TheFolder.Files

    For Each File in FileList

    fileStart = instr(ThisFile, ".msi") - 1
    fileNoExt = mid(ThisFile, 1, fileStart)
    File.Name = Replace( File.Name, fileNoExt , "zz"&File.Name&"(zzed_by_VBP).msi")


    Figure 2: Rename all the files appending zz at the front, and (zzed_by_VBP).msi to the back.

  4. Is any File Checked Out?

  5. Although Visual Build PRO provides the user with the option to skip over local writable files as shown in Figure 1, the VSS command-line tool doesn't distinguish between checked out and non-checked out writeable files.

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 1: Source Safe properties can skip files that have the "Read-Only" property unchecked, however that does not necessarily mean they are checked-out.

    To distinguish between files that are checked out or not can be a very useful option as users can accidentally run the Visual Build script while having the first step as a "Get Latest" and end up overwriting all the files that they have forgotten to checked-in, and hense overwrite all that they have done.

    The temporary solution was to create a script that would access the "SourceSafe" COM object and check the status of the file itself.

    The IsCheckedOut() method returns 0 for a file that is not checked out, 1 for a file that is checked out by a user, and 2 for a file that is checked out by the current user.

    const isFolder = 0
    const isFile = 1
    dim VSS_FolderName
    VSS_FolderName = "$/%VSSPath%/"
    Set VSS = CreateObject("SourceSafe")
    VSS.open "%VSS%"
    CheckTheFolder VSS.VSSItem (VSS_FolderName)
    Sub CheckTheFolder(objVSSFolder)
    For Each VSSObj In objVSSFolder.Items(False)

    If ype = isFile Then If VSSObj.IsCheckedOut = 2 Then
    End if

    VSS_FolderName = VSS_FolderName & VSSObj.Name & "/"
    set objVSS_SubFolder = VSS.VSSItem (VSS_FolderName)


    VSS_FolderName = Replace(VSS_FolderName, VSSObj.Name&"/" ,"")
    End if

    End Sub

    Figure 1: Check recursively for files that have been checked-out-by-me.

  6. Losing focus when text is selected in a text area - * Fixed by Kinook in Visual Build Pro 6.0 *

  7. 1. When you open a dialog box (double click a step in the build) then highlight a section of text i.e. as shown in Figure 1:

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 1: A highlighted section of text in the text area BEFORE losing focus of the Visual Build Application

    2. Then you lose focus of the Visual Build Program and return to it the text dissapeard as is shown in Figure 2a and 2b:

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 2a: Code has disappeared after returning focus to the Visual Build Application

    Visual Build PRO
    Figure 2b: SOME Code has re-appeared after clicking in the text area.

  8. Acknowledgements

    Adam Cogan, Adel Helal