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  1. UI Bug The "Index now" should be disabled

    The "Index now" button is a toggle. When you click it, it depresses, and when you click it again, it pops up. But, the standard button for that isnt obvious.
    Button that unavailable should be disabled.

    Windows Indexing Status
    Figures: MSN Desktop Search - The "Index now" button should be disabled.

  2. Search Expression

    MSN Desktop search results.
    Figures: MSN Desktop Search couldn't find the email with specified date string.

    To search by date, you need something like this "date:05/07/2005". But the problem is this isn't obvious to most people.
    It should also have a "..." button that opens up a search expression builder for users easily to build search expression with keyword like "date:".

  3. Help me use the Outlook index when using Boot to VHD

    I am loving boot to VHD (which I use for VS Team System + TFS for demos)
    My problem is Outlook. Again!
    I don’t want search running/indexing on the server one for performance reasons… but I want to use the search I have (yes I know it won’t include newly received emails)

    Can you have one index (for base OS + for your boot to vhd)?
    I have a huge ost

    Huge ost file
    Figure: Huge ost file
    I use the one OST in both environments (to save syncing time)
    I only index the ost – not the files
    Only index the ost file
    Figure: Only index the ost file
    Takes forever to index (this is what it looks like after it being on all night)
    Take long time to index
    Figure: Take long time to index
    So I don’t want to do it twice or 3 times (if I have a couple of Boot to VHD)
    Don't want to index twice or more
    Figure: Don't want to index twice or more

    This is not possible
    From the WDS support forum
    (I include an image here, because copy & paste from that forum doesn’t work nicely and there is no print preview)

    Copy & Paste from MSDN doesn't look nice
    Figure: Copy & Paste from MSDN doesn't look nice

    Suggestion - Allow me to tie the index of the OST to the actual OST file

    Think about people with large OST (Microsoft Outlook Offline folder file) that takes forever to index.
    Think about people booting into a different OS (using the great new Windows7 "boot from VHD" feature).
    Think how you allow us to use the same OST on different machines without problems.

    So it makes sense to use extend this to the index file.
    I believe the index should be tied to the .OST


Adam Cogan