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Internet Explorer Tools

  1. IE Addon: Snip IT
  2. Google Toolbar
  3. Dave's Quick Search Taskbar UPDATED: Replaced by Windows 7 Start menu textbox
  4. Alexa Toolbar
  5. IE Booster UPDATED: Replaced by IE Web developer toolbar built into IE8
  6. ieHTTPHeader UPDATED: Use FireFox's FireBug
  7. MS Internet Explorer Accessories UPDATED: Replaced by IE Web developer toolbar built into IE8
  8. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab Add-In
  9. Delicious Bookmarks and Google Bookmark Add-ons

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  1. IE Addon: Snip IT

  2. Use this Addon to send text selected in Internet Explorer as email.

    SnipIT can be used to email the selected text in Internet Explorer using the user's email client of choice. The add-on currently supports Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and default installed MailTo client in Internet Explorer as email client options. Yahoo Mail Beta is not currently supported.

    IE Addon

    Figure: Send an Email with the Link and the selected text.
    Download Snip IT IE Addon Leaving SSW Web Site

  3. Google Toolbar

  4. The new Google Toolbar increases your ability to find information from anywhere on the web and takes only seconds to install. When the Google Toolbar is installed, it automatically appears along with the Internet Explorer toolbar. This means you can quickly and easily use Google to search from any website location, without returning to the Google home page to begin another search.

    google toolbar

    Google Toolbar.

    Now having google on hand isn't the only benefit. The 2 great features I can't live without are:

    • Highlight, and
    • Translate into English
    Google toolbar

    Figure: Google Toolbar Translation Menu.
    Google Toolbar Web Site Leaving SSW Web Site

  5. Dave's Quick Search Taskbar

  6. For the quickest searches possible - Dave's Quick Search Deskbar is a tiny textbox designed for search hounds with weary mouse-fingers. Unlike the Google Toolbar, this little deskbar lets you launch searches without starting a web browser first, directly from your Windows Explorer Taskbar.

    Daves Quick Search Taskbar

    Figure: Dave's Quick Search Taskbar.
    Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Web Site Leaving SSW Web Site

  7. Alexa Toolbar

  8. You can quickly see how popular the site is by the ranking and when you are surfing the related sites it shows are very handy. It also includes a search option similar to the one on the google toolbar.

    Alexa toolbar

    Figure: Alexa Toolbar
    Alexa Toolbar Website Leaving SSW Web Site

  9. IEBooster

  10. Get a serious right click menu in Internet Explorer with many option helpful for developers and users. See all the options "IEB: ....". They are all useful.

    IE booster

    Figure: IE Booster Menu
    IEBooster Website Leaving SSW Web Site

  11. ieHTTPHeader

  12. ieHTTPHeaders is an explorer bar for Internet Explorer that will show you the HTTP Headers Internet Explorer is sending and receiving.

    IE HTTP Headers

    Figure: ieHTTPHeaders at work
    ieHTTPHeader Website Leaving SSW Web Site

  13. Internet Explorer Accessories

  14. Dreamed up by Microsoft's own development team, this Web Accessories contains eight utilities that let you zoom in and out on any image, highlight text, do custom searches, and much, much more.

    The Developer Accessories will help the Web developer or those who are just curious about how pages are coded. The DOM tree tool lets you view all the Document Object Model properties in tree form via a right click of the mouse or from the Tools menu. And for those who are tired of scrolling through hundreds of lines of HTML to find that one section of code that does what you want, search no more! Simply highlight the area of Web page that you want to see the source for, right-click it and select View Partial Source. It's that simple! Not supported by Microsoft.

    Internet Explorer Web Accessories

    Figure: Internet Explorer Web Accessories.
    Internet Explorer Accessories Web Site Leaving SSW Web Site

  15. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab Add-In

  16. If you've ever accidentally closed a tab in Internet Explorer 7 when you didn't mean to, then you will know how handy this IE7 add-in can be. With the IE7 "Open Last Closed Tab" add-in, you don't have to search through your Internet history to find the page you were just on; instead, just hit "Alt-X" and the accidentally closed page automatically reappears in a new tab. If you hit "Alt-Q" instead, the add-in will display a Quick Tabs Style View, which is like IE7's built-in Quick Tabs view, but features just recently closed tabs. Click one of the thumbnails from this view, and the page will open in a new tab. This is one of those add-ins that you might not need all the time, but when you do need it, you'll be glad it's installed.
    Download IE7 Open Last Closed Tab Add-In Leaving SSW Web Site

  17. Delicious Bookmarks and Google Bookmarks Add-ons

  18. Instead of saving Bookmarks in favorites of your browser which you can not use on other computer systems, it is better to have a roaming solution which can be used on any system regardless of the browser.

    As a solution online bookmark managers e.g. Delicious Bookmarks or Google Bookmarks can be used to avoid browser dependencies for bookmarks which can be available over any browser any time.

    IE Favorites

    Figure : Bad Example, adding the links in favorites in Internet explorer.

    IE Favorites

    Figure: Good Example, adding the links in Delicious bookmark toolbar in IE.

    IE Favorites

    Figure: Bad example, adding the link in Firefox bookmarks

    IE Favorites

    Figure: Good example, adding the links in Delicious bookmark toolbar in firefox.

    IE Favorites

    Figure : Bad Example, adding the links in favorites in Chrome.

    IE Favorites

    Figure: Good example, adding the links in Delicious bookmark toolbar in Chrome.


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