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Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

would you like your software to be considered for this list? Give us your details .

  1. Navman's GPS 4410 Wireless GPS Reciever for Pocket PC's with SmartST voice navigation software

    This wireless GPS reciever connects to your Pocket PC via Bluetooth from up to 10 meters away and can be used continuously for up  to 30 hours.

    It's SmartST voice navigation software covers all of Australia and has a GPS of accuracy of 5 meters. This Mapping Software allows you to navigate from door-to-door. It is able to plan and track the quickest or shortest route of user destination and is fully assisted by turn-by-turn voice instructions. Its offers 3D view maps and the option to program personal addresses as favourite routes, and in the event of a wrong turn, It's 'Back-On-Track' functionality guides you back onto the right route.

    The GPS 4410 offers a wireless and cost effective automotive-class navigation system for Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC users.

    Navman navigator

    Figure: Navman Navigation

  2. WorldMate 2005 Professional

    WorldMate Professional Edition for Pocket PC is a nifty little program that converts your pocket pc into a complete travel organizer. Never miss another flight, meeting or conference again - use WorldMate Professional for Pocket PC for all your travel needs to ensure that you travel in world class style and comfort.

    It can manage your itinerary, schedules, flight connections, flight status updates, world weather, currency converter, tip calculator and much more, all with convenient tab navigation.

    World Mate
    Figure: Heaps of functions, easy navigation

  3. Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.0 - Send SMS like emails in Outlook!

    Jeyo Mobile Extender for Outlook is an add-on program for the Microsoft Outlook appplication. It connects Outlook to a Windows Mobile phone (either Smartphone or Pocket PC phone) and turns it into an SMS message center on your Windows PC. Through it, you can send and receive SMS messages just as easily and quickly as you do with email, all from the same familiar PC application interface. Main features in version 2.0 include:

    1. Send and receive SMS messages directly from the Outlook application
    2. Reply to multiple SMS messages simultaneously
    3. Forward SMS messages as email, and vice versa
    4. Create or view a SMS message in any language, even if it is not available on a device
    5. Mix languages in a SMS message
    6. View or compose SMS messages offline
    7. Backup SMS messages
    8. Copy SMS messages from Outlook back to a device
    9. Remotely manage SMS messages on a device
    10. Receive notification of new SMS messages automatically

    Outlook Toolbar
    Figure: SMS Toolbar on your outlook

    Outlook Folders
    Figure: SMS folders on your outlook

    Create new SMS message
    Figure: Create SMS message like writing an email

    Red Oxygen OutlookSMS

  4. SOTI Pocket Controller Pro

    View and control your mobile device using your desktop computer screen, keyboard and mouse with Pocket Controller-Pro.

    SOTI Pocket Controller Pro
    Figure: View and control your mobile device

    Red Oxygen Outlook SMS


Adam Cogan