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The Best Tools for Windows Forms Development (Controls)

  1. Janus GridEX

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  1. Janus GridEX

  2. The .NET Control DataGridView is almost sufficient for 60% of your needs (see Rules To Better Windows Forms ). If you still want more we recommend Janus GridEX. The GridEX Control supports hierarchical display of data and permits you to create effective "Outlook like" user interfaces while easing development and maintenance time. The functionality provided by the control allows you to display, edit, sort, group, filter, manipulate, summarize, preview and print your data. Standalone MaskEdit, MultiColumn Combo, and UpDown controls are also included.

    Advantages of Janus GridEX:

    • GridEX supports binding to hierarchical DataSets including built-In Grouping (see Figure1)
    • Card View with GridLines and Innerspacing (see Figure2)
    • User Friendly Designer (see Figure3)
    • Includes a good Documentation


    • GridEX doesn't support IDataErrorInfo.

    Figure1: Binding to Hierarchical DataSets including Grouping.

    Figure2: Janus GridEX Card View with GridLines and Innerspacing.

    Figure3: Change the Properties and more in the GridEX Designer.

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    Other Grids that we recommend are:

    2. Developer Express XtraGrid

    Advantages: Disadvantage:
    • Documentation could be better.

    Developer Express XtraGrid Details Leaving SSW Web Site

    3. Infragistics Wingrid

    • Support for IDataErrorInfo which displays an error message and tooltip
    • Merge of consecutive cells with the same values so they appear as one cell (less repetition by displaying Data in Wingrid)
    • The Documentation is poor, which makes it hard to implement for developers
    • Unlogical Method/Property names

    Infragistics Wingrid Details Leaving SSW Web Site

    4. ComponentOne True DBGrid

    • Good Performance
    • XP Themes support
    • Unlogical Method/Property names
    • Hard to use in combination with .NET Grids

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Adam Cogan
Lionel Mischler