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Rules to Better OLAP Clients

  1. Do you know the best OLAP client tools?

  1. Do you know the best OLAP client tools?

    Most useful is first

    1. Excel 2007
      Figure: Excel 2007 will have built-in OLAP functionality
    2. Reporting Services
      Figure: Reporting Services has OLAP-style reports
    3. Reporting Services Report Builder. This utility is installed with Reporting Services, and is available via the Reporting Services main web interface
      Figure: Microsoft Report Builder lets users easily build ad-hoc reports without having to go via the IT department
    4. Pro clarity
      Figure: ProClarity's optimization of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services makes it easier to create, deploy and manage analytics
    5. Panorama
      Figure: Panorama NovaView
    6. Business Scorecard Manager (from the Office team). See the demo from Microsoft
      Figure: Business Scorecard Manager