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Whenever we do a release for a product - whether for the first time or the hundredth - we need to follow a number of steps to create the new build and then to submit it to the web site for release.

This standard is designed to tell you what you need to do in order to release a version of a product.

To see the standard on what to include in your wise script see http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/Standards/WiseSetup/WiseStandards.aspx

Releasing a Version
1. Make a new version in the application
2. Creating a new installation
3. Updating an existing installation
4. Distributing the application
  1. Make a new version in the application

  2. Firstly, we need to make a new version in the application as per the following standard:


  3. Creating a new installation

  4. When creating a new installation you will need to:

    1. Take a copy of the SSW Code Auditor script (this is the standard) available in SourceSafe under SSW\SSWCodeAuditor\SSWCodeAuditorSetup
    2. Remove all files and directories from the installation so that it looks like this:
    3. Add your installation files and directories.
    4. Remove the Program Group and Items and create your own Program Group with the Product Name and Version Name. There should also be 4 Items created - the product, the product documentation, the check for update and the uninstall product. The final two will need to be created in the script editor.
    5. Remove the Registry entries.
    6. Create a Registry Entry to store the installation path of your program as per below:
      Add registry entry
    7. Replace the Setup Information with your product details.
    8. Update the version and build details on the final tab.
    9. Compile the script into a new installation.

  5. Updating an existing installation

  6. When updating an existing installation you will need to:

    1. Go to the Script Editor view and find and replace the old version with the new version.
      Replace versions in script
    2. Update the version and build details on the final tab. This includes the build details, version resource and wise update sections.
    3. Compile the script into an installation.

  7. Distributing the application

  8. Once the installation has been compiled, you will need to distribute the application first for testing and then for release to the web site. To do this, we must:

    1. Copy the executable to \\ANT\SSW\Download
    2. Right-click the executable and select 'Properties'.
    3. Update the ini file with version details - you will need to specify the Size of the file as per the property page you just opened.
    4. Update the text file with version details - you can also specify what changes have been made in this version if you want.
    5. Upload the executable, ini and text files to the web site.


John Prince - 22 Jan. 2003