AI 2-day Workshop

This training is designed for software developers who want to enhance their skills using the latest and available artificial intelligence (AI) tools. It is a hands-on workshop led by SSW AI specialists who will cover the rapidly evolving field of Generative AI. Tailored for the everyday developer looking to upskill and increase their everyday productivity with AI, the workshop includes practical applications starting from text and image generation, then development tools, to building AI assistants.

2 Days
$660 inc GST
30th - 31st May 2024
(Thu - Fri)
9AM - 5PM
3rd - 4th June 2024
(Mon - Tue)
9AM - 5PM
6th - 7th June 2024
(Thu - Fri)
9AM - 5PM
Hosted by SSW


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Day 1: Generative AI and LLMs

  • Machine Learning - How models are built and trained
  • What is generative AI?
  • Learn text, image, audio, and video generation
  • ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Claude, Llama
  • Prompt engineering
  • Tokens, prompt tuning, chain prompting, system prompts
  • Prompt practice
  • Understanding custom GPTs
  • Build a custom GPT
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Day 2: Applications of Generative AI

  • GitHub Copilot
  • Using the OpenAI API
  • Embeddings
  • Semantic Kernel
  • Plugins, planners, semantic memory
  • Demo app, or similar
  • Build a custom Assistant with the OpenAI API


Picture of Calum Simpson
Calum Simpson

With deep expertise in Microsoft technologies like Azure and C# .NET, and fluency in Angular and React, Calum Simpson is your ultimate Solution Architect. With over a decade of experience spanning agile startups to corporate giants, Calum's adaptability shines. Recently, he's been pioneering LLM consulting, leveraging AI to redefine digital interactions, setting new standards in innovation.

Picture of Jernej Kavka
Jernej Kavka

Jernej Kavka (JK) is an SSW Solution Architect, Microsoft AI MVP and organizer of the Brisbane AI user group. JK is a full-stack .NET developer, but his passion lies in Azure Cognitive Services, AI and machine learning. He is the main architect behind SSW's virtual receptionist - SSW SophieBot and SSW SophieHub:


SSW is exploring the evolving field of AI for software development, and actively encourages employees to integrate use AI into their work. Since Generative AI has become widely adopted, our developers have been taking advantage of it, and are building better software faster and significantly boosting SSW’s productivity. This workshop aims to share the knowledge of these great modern tools to help others.


Who Should Attend

Developers of all skill levels with any level of AI experience.


What’s Included?

  • Directed learning with hands-on exercises
  • Mentoring from SSW AI experts
  • Source code and project templates for reference
  • Catering (morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea)

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