Dotnet Superpowers Tour

.NET Dev Superpowers Tour

SSW’s comprehensive .NET course covers everything from the latest .NET open-source cross-platform framework. Our modules include RESTful API creation with ASP.NET Core, data access with Entity Framework Core, web UI with Blazor and more. This course will set you up for success in modern enterprise development—available both in-person and online.

1 Day
$99 inc GST
8th (Mon) July 2024
9AM - 5PM
10th (Wed) July 2024
9AM - 5PM
Sydney + Online
12th (Fri) July 2024
9AM - 5PM
Hosted by SSW



Getting Started with .NET 8

  • Learn how to get up and running quickly with .NET and the new language features of C# 12

Minimal APIs with ASP.NET Core

Build functioning web APIs quickly without the boilerplate

  • Add authentication using the new ASP.NET Core Identity
  • Generate Client code to consume your API using Kiota

Working with Entity Framework Core

  • Enterprise data access with Entity Framework Core

Communication with Backend APIs in .NET

Learn about the different API communication options available in .NET:

  • REST
  • Web API
  • Minimal APIs
  • gRPC
  • GraphQL
  • SignalR

Modern Web Dev with Blazor

  • Building an interactive UI that uses C# in the browser!

Cloud Native Development

Building a production-ready distributed application that is resilient, observable, and hosted in the cloud

  • DAPR
  • .NET Aspire
  • Deploy to Azure using AZD

Simplified Automated Testing

Learn how to write automated tests

  • Unit testing with xUnit and NSubtitute
  • Integration Testing with TestContainers and Respawn

Migrating to .NET 8

How to migrate your old .NET or .NET Framework apps to .NET 8

  • Upgrade Assistant in Visual Studio
  • Migration Patterns
  • YARP (Yet-Another-Reverse-Proxy)

Source Generators

How to leverage source generators

  • Add code at compile time
  • Enhance your applications without losing performance


Picture of Matt Goldman
Matt Goldman

Since joining SSW, Matt has worked on a number of projects for a range of clients, including government agencies and multinational organisations. Matt loves making things, and at SSW uses that passion to fuel his work with .NET, EF / EF Core, Xamarin (and soon MAUI), Azure and Blazor.

Picture of William Liebenberg
William Liebenberg

He is a SSW Solution Architect and Superpowers Trainer. William has over 16 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries such as Heavy Engineering, Real-time 3D Graphics, Education and Finance.

William is one of the core engineers at SSW and specializes in developing Enterprise Cloud Applications with Azure. He loves ASP.NET, Serverless, CosmosDB, Containers, Cognitive Services, Clean Code, and more.

William is a motivated Scrum practitioner, strong team player and thinks outside of the box!

Picture of Daniel Mackay
Daniel Mackay

Daniel is a Solution Architect at SSW, and specialises in Cloud Architecture, Software Architecture, and DevOps. He has over 20+ years of professional experience. He has worked with .NET since 2009, and is passionate about web-based technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, React, Next.js and Azure.

Picture of Gert Marx
Gert Marx

Gert is an SSW Solution Architect with over 18 years of experience, specializing in .NET technologies. He has worked across various industries, including telecommunications, finance, and government agencies, and has designed and implemented high-performance systems that can handle large data sets and complex data relationships.

Picture of Matt Wicks
Matt Wicks

Matt is an elite SSW Solution Architect who runs the Newcastle office. Matt stands out in the tech landscape as a certified Scrum Master, an Octopus Insider, and is GitHub accredited. From the early days when .NET 2 was still in beta, Matt has been capitalizing on the full potential of the Microsoft stack, coding his way to ingenious solutions that deliver significant business value.

.NET 8 has replaced .NET 7, .NET 6, and .NET Core 3.1, and is the latest standard in .NET.

This is the only .NET going forward, and our experts can get you ready to use the most powerful version ever! This fast-paced one-day course covers many topics, such as web development with ASP.NET Core, data access with EF Core, automated testing, and many other enterprise topics.

You will finish the day with a solid understanding of why you should be using .NET and the enterprise capabilities using the new platform.

Video: Unleash the Potential of .NET 8 with the New .NET Superpowers Tour, Presented by Matt Goldman (1 min)

What do people say?

Avatar of Shawn Rosewarne

Shawn Rosewarne, Ceridian

I just wanted to thank you for the .NET Superpowers tour that you organized. The presentation and content were truly inspiring, and I received fantastic feedback from my colleagues at Ceridian.

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