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The non-profit sector demands flexible, cost-effective, and secure technology solutions. The right technology can provide you with key advantages in data management, donor relations, fundraising optimization, and user experience. With changing regulations and growing cyber threats, balancing your responsibilities to members and stakeholders is complex.

SSW is perfectly positioned to assist.

With over 30 years of experience, we design and build modern software solutions to keep non-profits at the forefront of their mission. 

How SSW can help: Customized Non-Profit Consulting and Solutions  

With expertise in the non-profit sector, we create customized technology solutions that address your unique regulatory and technological challenges. Instead of providing an off-the-shelf product, we pride ourselves on building technological custom solutions to meet the distinctive needs of each organization. 

We have experience with: 

  • Donor Management Systems: Designing custom solutions that can be integrated with your existing software for effective management and analysis of your donor data. 
  • Volunteer Portals: Creating secure and user-friendly portals to provide your volunteers with access to their tasks, tracking capabilities, and direct communication channels with you. 
  • Fundraising Platforms: Building fundraising platforms that provide real-time data, intuitive interfaces, and advanced fundraising capabilities. 
  • Regulatory Compliance Software: Creating customized solutions that simplify compliance reporting, streamline audits, and ensure that your organization is always on the right side of regulations. 
  • Customer Relationship Management Software: Building custom CRM solutions for efficient management and analysis of donor interactions. 

How can SSW channel the power of Microsoft for your business? 

We work closely with Microsoft, the global leader in technology solutions who offers a suite of products that have improved the operations of many organizations around the world. Microsoft’s product list is extensive and can be daunting, but SSW has spent significant time integrating the systems into various businesses. This has refined our expertise to identify the ideal solution tailored to each enterprise.

Here is what we can help your business with: 

We offer special pricing for non-profits. Let us know that you are a not for profit and see how we can help you. 

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We have consultants available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Newcastle.