After work - Do you only check-in code when it has compiled and passed the unit tests?

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Too many people treat Source Control as a networked drive. Don't just check-in when the clock ticks past 5 or 6 o'clock. If code doesn't pass its unit tests or won't even compile put your code in a shelveset.

Figure: Put your dishes straight in the dishwasher otherwise you leave a mess for others (aka "Check-in" the right way otherwise you give other developers problems)

Other recommendations have included using "//TODO" or commenting the code out. However, we recommend avoiding this practice as it increases the risk that the code is forgotten about.

Note: Having gated check-ins will help prevent this from happening.

Note: A useful tool is TFS Auto Shelve - Protect your code by guaranteeing your pending changes are always backed up to the TFS server.

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