Do you use AI to critique and improve your Reports and Dashboards?

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Leveraging AI tools for critiquing and enhancing reports and dashboards can significantly improve their quality and effectiveness. Free AI tools such as the Report Enhancer GPT, can be used for this purpose, which checks your report against the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

Understanding IBCS Standards

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) are widely recognized best practices for the design of business reports and dashboards. These standards focus on:

  • Consistency: Harmonizing design for easy understanding and comparison.
  • Simplicity: Reducing to the essential to avoid non-data ink.
  • Focus: Directing attention to the important information.

How to Use AI for Critiquing Reports and Dashboards

  1. For Public Reports: If your reports or dashboards are publicly accessible, simply provide the AI tool with the link. The tool will analyze and offer suggestions based on the IBCS standards.
  2. For Private Reports: For internal reports, take a screenshot and provide it to the AI tool. This GPT has had "Train on this data" disabled, so the information will not end up in ChatGPT's long term knowledge.

Process Overview

  • Upload or Link: Go to Report Enhancer and provide your report or dashboard via a link or screenshot.
  • AI Analysis: The AI tool will analyze the design, layout, and presentation of your data.
  • Recommendations: Receive feedback and recommendations aligned with IBCS standards.
  • Implement Changes: Apply the suggestions to enhance clarity, readability, and effectiveness.

By incorporating AI tools in line with IBCS standards, you can significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your business reports and dashboards. This approach not only streamlines the process but also ensures that your reports meet high standards of clarity and professionalism.

Tip: Always review AI suggestions critically and ensure they align with your specific reporting goals and audience needs.

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