Tools - Do you know what Angular Tools to install for an Angular project?

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If you want to get started with Angular, go to the Angular Setup guide.

The prerequisites are:

  1. Node.js and NPM (installed with Node.Js by default)
  2. Angular CLI

The best practice for creating an Angular project and components is to use the Angular CLI (command-line interface).

The Angular CLI is also used in the latest .NET Angular SPA template. Read Do you know that the ASP.NET Core SPA Template for Angular uses the Angular CLI?

Instructions for upgrading the Angular CLI of an existing project can be found on

Getting errors?

If you get errors, follow instructions in the links:

Which IDE should I use for developing Angular applications?

We recommendVSCode. Read more on Do you know the best IDE for Angular?

Other tools to consider

In addition to the essential tools mentioned, there are several other useful browser extensions that can improve your development experience:

  1. Angular DevTools for Angular 12+ applications.

Angular DevTools helps to debug and profile Angular applications by visualizing the component structure, inspecting component properties, inputs, and outputs and running a performance profiler.

  1. Redux DevTools when using state management libraries like NgRx or NgXs.

Redux DevTools allows for inspection, monitoring, and manipulation of the state of an Angular application.

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