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Do you attach and copy emails to the PBI?

Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 05 Mar 2022 01:48 am (4 months ago) See History

While working on a task or PBI, it is very important that you save any discussions or contextual information related to the work completed. This helps for future understanding of what happened as well as providing relevant documents that support your research claims.

no email attached
Bad Example: An important research task that hasn't is missing records of communication

email in the description
Good Example: Email is copied to the description

email attached to the pbi
Good Example: Related emails are attached to the PBI

When attaching an email to the PBI, consider whether or not a response to the email is required. The sender will usually expect a response when the issue is resolved. If a response is required, update the Acceptance Criteria with a note. E.g. Send a done email in reply to the original email (attached).

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