Do you avoid leading questions?

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Leading questions can result in biased or unhelpful answers from ChatGPT. To obtain objective and useful responses, it's important to ask open-ended, unbiased questions that allow the model to explore a topic without being influenced by the phrasing of the prompt.

Here are some tips for avoiding leading questions:

  • Use neutral language that doesn't imply a specific answer or point of view
  • Focus on asking questions that encourage exploration and elaboration
  • Avoid making assumptions or expressing your opinions within the question itself

"Isn't it true that electric cars are far better for the environment than traditional gasoline cars?"

Figure: Bad example - The prompt is leading and suggests a specific answer

"What are the environmental benefits and drawbacks of electric cars compared to traditional gasoline cars?"

Figure: Good example - The prompt is neutral and encourages a balanced comparison

By avoiding leading questions, you can ensure that ChatGPT provides objective and informative responses that are more useful and trustworthy.

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