Do you avoid the temptation of link farms?

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There are some SEO techniques that are quick and easy fixes, like being in a link farm. To join a link farm people pay to be part of a collection of web pages where their sole purpose is to provide interconnecting links and harvest pages ranking amongst members. Many of these "get ranked quick" methods have some serious repercussions. If you are caught in a link farm or have hidden text in your pages, you'll eventually get caught and sentenced with the Google "death penalty". In some cases, entire domains were removed from the search engine indexes in order to prevent them from influencing search results. So after all is said and done a safe and sure way to increase your website's ranking is to provide useful information that other website s will want to link to. Google's concept of the Internet is that it should be filled with web pages that have high-quality information and based on this ideal, it rewards high-quality content and penalizes crud.

Many of these link farms and websites that subscribe to them have been identified and banned by Google so you should never be lured into the temptation of quick easy SEO solution. Employing dodgy optimization techniques is a gamble; you're gambling that the smart people over at Google aren't as smart as you.

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