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Do you know the best IDE for Vue.js?

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There are many options available for code editors for working with Vue.js. The recommended editor is Visual Studio Code.

vs code
Figure: Good example - Visual Studio Code is a great free, lightweight and extensible code editor that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS

Visual Studio Code is a powerful and wildly popular editor that's perfect for developing your Vue.js project. Out of the box, Visual Studio Code has excellent editing support for JavaScript and TypeScript, but for full support of Vue.js we'll need to make use of its rich extensibility.

The recommended extension for working with Vue.js in Visual Studio Code is the official Vue Language Features extension.

Vue Language Features (Volar) provides full language support for Vue.js in Visual Studio Code. This provides useful features like syntax highlighting, TypeScript support, and IntelliSense support for code completion.

Figure: Good example – the Volar extension will provide everything you need to start developing for Vue.js in Visual Studio Code

If you're using TypeScript for your project, it's also recommended to install TypeScript Vue Plugin (Volar) to add type support for .vue files and provide some additional helpful features when working with TypeScript in your Vue.js project.

volar ts
Figure: TypeScript Vue Plugin can help make TypeScript development within Vue.js easier

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