Bounces - Do you know what to do with bounced email?

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Having people report bounce back emails is frustrating and time consuming. The first thing to try when you get a report is to check that your mail server isn’t on a spam blacklist. An easy way to check this is via MX Toolbox.

MXToolbox 1
Figure: Enter the domain to check

MXToolbox 2
Figure: Then select "Blacklist Check"

MXToolbox 3
Figure: Getting a zero is good, so you know that you are not blacklisted... so Step 1 is good

Next step check that you have primary and secondary (and even better tertiary) MX records setup and working.

MXToolbox 4
Figure: Seeing at least 2 MX records is good... Run an SMTP Test to test mail servers. So Step 2 is good

If success on both steps the error is most likely on the senders side. Send them the an email to check their mail settings.

Dear xxx,

As per this rule on bounced emails

  • I have checked Step 1 – it is good
  • I have checked Step 2 – it is good

The problem is likely your end

Figure: What to send the person

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