Post event - Do you do a Brainstorming day retro?

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The results of the Brainstorming day can have a great impact on the company. It's important to get everyone's thoughts on each idea.

If the presentations were recorded, the videos should be editied and attached to the questions in the form.

Send out a Microsoft form with the following questions

  1. Did you watch the Brainstorming presentation (in person or live stream)?
  2. ✅ What went well?
  3. ❌ What didn't go so well?
  4. 💡 Any ideas to improve it?
  5. {{IDEA NAME}} - How good was the outcome of the Brainstorming session?

    • Rating /10
    • In the question, Include a link to the GitHub Discussion and YouTube video of the presentation
  6. {{IDEA NAME}} - Which option/s should we do?

    • This should be a multiple-choice question with all the options pitched in the presentation
    • Depending on the options pitched, this question might need to allow multiple answers

Repeat questions 5 and 6 for each idea.

This should be done on the Friday after the Brainstorming day.

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