Do you add branding to your browser's new tabs?

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Changing the appearance of your browser's new tabs can greatly enhance your browsing experience and add a touch of personalization. By incorporating branding elements, you can make your browsing sessions more enjoyable and reflective of your unique style.

browser branding bad example
Figure: Bad example - Default new tab

browser branding good example
Figure: Good example - Branded new tab

Tip: You can also change your browser theme color to match your branding. This is especially useful to differentiate multiple profiles in your browser.

How to add a branded image to your new tab experience

Setting a different per Edge or Chrome profile background image is a great way to have some branding and quickly identify which profile you are using when opening the browser or a new tab.

  1. Open your Edge or Chrome browser
  2. If you are not in the new tab experience click the + button to open a new tab
  3. Click on settings | Edit Background

    open browser settings
    Figure: Opening new tab settings in a Microsoft Edge browser

  4. Click on Upload Image, select the image you want to use and click Open
  5. Click Apply
  6. Uncheck Change new background daily

    select background image

  7. Close the dialog box, note you might have to scroll back up to see the close button

Now every time you open a new tab or the browser you will see your custom background image and immediately know which tab you are in without having to glance over to the small profile image.

Tip: You can have different theme options, like SSW's dark or light background images.

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