Do you build cost-effective Power Apps by avoiding Dynamics 365-specific entities?

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Building a Model-Driven Power Apps application without relying on Dynamics 365-specific entities can significantly reduce licensing costs. By using standard Power Apps licenses instead of more expensive Dynamics 365 licenses, you can achieve similar functionality with a substantial cost saving.

Pros and Cons of Developing without Dynamics 365-specific Entities


  • Cost Savings: Power Apps licenses are significantly cheaper than Dynamics 365 licenses.
  • Flexibility: Allows for more customized and focused applications.
  • Simplicity: Avoids unnecessary complexities associated with Dynamics 365.


  • Limited Features: Some advanced Dynamics 365 functionalities are not available.
  • Integration Complexity: May require additional effort to integrate with other systems.
  • Support and Community: Fewer resources and community support compared to Dynamics 365.

Licensing Price Differences in AUD

License Type Price per User per Month (AUD)
Power Apps License $12.80
Dynamics 365 License $95.50

Figure: Cost comparison between Power Apps and Dynamics 365 licenses

Features Missed by Not Using Dynamics 365-specific Entities

  • Sales and Marketing Modules: Advanced sales and marketing tools available in Dynamics 365.
  • Customer Service Automation: Comprehensive customer service automation and tracking.
  • Field Service Management: Robust tools for managing field services.
  • Unified Interface: Consistent and unified user interface across various Dynamics 365 applications.
  • AI and Analytics: Advanced AI and analytics capabilities integrated within Dynamics 365.

Effectiveness Rating

Rating: 8/10

This approach is highly effective for organizations looking to build customized applications while minimizing costs. However, it does require careful consideration of the missing advanced features and potential integration challenges. For many scenarios, especially where the advanced Dynamics 365 features are not critical, this approach provides a significant cost advantage with minimal compromise.

Mehmet Ozdemir
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