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Calendar Permissions - Do you share your calendar?

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Within a company, there are occasions that you are not able to access your computer to send sick emails, or you get a call from your client on the way to the office that you have to drive to a client site straight away; when such things happen, you need someone else to update your calendar when you call in, so others are aware of your availabilities.

Always make sure that:

  • Admin people are able to access your calendar with full permission in order to add/edit/delete appointments for you.
  • The whole organization can see your full calendar details.

Do this to allow Admins to edit your calendar permissions:

  1. Open Outlook (or Outlook Web) | Click Calendar | Click "Share Calendar" | Click "Add..." | Add the Admin group | Select "Can edit" Note: Check you are looking in the right address book using the "Address Book" dropdown if you cannot find a user or group.

Share Calendar
Figure: Click on "Share Calendar" in Outlook

Figure: Give admins full access to your calendar in Outlook with "Can edit"

Now do this to allow the whole organization to see your full calendar details:

  1. Open Outlook (or Outlook Web) | Click Calendar | Click "Share Calendar" | Click "My Organization" | Select "Can view all details"

Figure: Give the whole organization access to your calendar in Outlook with "Can view all details"

Once the permissions are given, opening other people's calendar is as easy as 2 steps:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab in outlook and click "open a Shared Calendar"
    Shared Calendar
    Figure: Opening a shared calendar
  2. Choose the calendar you want to open in the pop-up form
    Figure: Find the calendar you want

Then you can have this shared calendar shown in your Outlook.

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