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Do you call SysAdmins before formatting company-owned laptops?

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It is important to make sure all standards are followed before formatting a laptop that is managed by your company.

SysAdmins follow all kinds of procedures and standards to make sure all company-owned laptops and devices are configured correctly, with the right permissions, users and applications.

Refer to the quickest way to get your Windows 10 SOE up and running to get the best way of setting up your computer with the right applications.

If you, for any reason, has a company-owned laptop and needs to format it for various reasons (e.g. slowness, forgotten computer, new computer) it is important to give your SysAdmins a call first to ensure any pre-steps are followed, for example:

  1. Backing up the current data in the laptop
  2. Ensuring no client data is present
  3. Ensuring the new admin username set follows the password standards

Failing to contact your SysAdmins might lead to computers that need to be reformatted down the line, meaning unnecessary rework!

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