Do you call your System Administrators before raising a ticket?

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The tickets sent to SysAdmins are often quickly resolved with a few clicks of the mouse. Calling SysAdmins first can save valuable time versus waiting for someone to respond to your ticket, making you more productive and saving the SysAdmins time managing ticketing systems.

When you need to request technical help, the steps you should take are:

  1. Draft an email with the details of the problem you want resolved. When describing the defect, follow the guidance at “Do you know how to report bugs and give suggestions?”. This will give you an opportunity to think through the problem and ensure that you cannot resolve it yourself
  2. Call an available SysAdmin to discuss the issue. Share your screen with the email so that they can review the details you have collected

    Note: If you are working outside of normal working hours and it is not an emergency, just send the email to raise the ticket.

  3. You likely won’t need to send the email if the problem can be resolved quickly. If the issue requires further investigation, add “(Checked by {{ SYSADMIN NAME }})” to the start of the email and send it
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