Do you use chained prompting?

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Utilizing chained prompting can help you guide ChatGPT through a series of questions or tasks, resulting in more comprehensive and interconnected responses. By creating a sequence of related prompts, you can explore a topic in-depth or complete a multi-step task more effectively.

Here are some tips for using chained prompting:

  • Break down your topic or task into a series of smaller, related prompts
  • Maintain a logical flow between prompts, ensuring that each subsequent prompt builds on the previous one
  • Provide context from previous prompts when necessary to help ChatGPT understand the connections between them

Example chained prompts:

"ChatGPT, suggest 3 time management tips that can help improve productivity."


"Now, provide a brief explanation for each time management tip, explaining how it can improve productivity."


"Finally, write a short introductory paragraph for a blog post about these time management tips for improving productivity."


Figure: Chained prompting for writing a blog post about time management tips

You can also use chained prompts for refining responses or getting more details. If the initial answer isn't sufficient, ask ChatGPT to expand upon or clarify its response, such as:

"Could you provide more information about that solution?", or

"Can you explain that in simpler terms?"

By using chained prompting, you can encourage ChatGPT to provide more comprehensive and interconnected responses that address your topic or task in a thorough and structured manner.

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