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Do you use ChatGPT to help you code?

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ChatGPT is an extremely useful tool for software developers as it has been trained to understand how code functions. It will provide an invaluable alternative to StackOverflow, being a great resource to help developers troubleshoot.

ChatGPT can be used for:

  • Detecting bugs in your code
  • Solving compile time or runtime errors
  • Generating code based on a text description
  • Explaining how a piece of code works
  • Translating code to a different language (e.g. Python code to C#)
  • Minimising generation of boilerplate (e.g. JSON to C# classes)
  • Helping automate the code refactoring process
  • Helping perform code reviews

Warning: Ensure you double check code integrity before deploying to production!

chatgpt code prompt
Figure: Asking ChatGPT to explain this code

chatgpt code response
Figure: ChatGPT explains the code

Try it yourself, copy and paste this into ChatGPT

What does this code do?
public async Task<IActionResult> MoveRight(string id)
		if (await _legalApiDbContext.ParaLefts.Where(a => a.ParaId == id).CountAsync() != 0)
			ParaLeft toDelete = _legalApiDbContext.ParaLefts.Where(para => para.ParaId == id).First();
			_legalApiDbContext.ParaRights.Add(new ParaRight { ParaId = id });
			await _legalApiDbContext.SaveChangesAsync();
			return Ok();
		} else
			return StatusCode(StatusCodes.Status404NotFound);
	catch (SqlException err)
		return StatusCode(StatusCodes.Status500InternalServerError);
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