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When should you use ChatGPT vs GPT?

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GPT and ChatGPT are similar tools that serve slightly different purposes. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses so it's crucial to understand the right time to use them.

ChatGPT is strong at helping an individual do a specific task. For example, a user could could get responses to simple tasks like:

  • "Write me a blog post on EF Core Code-First Migrations"
  • "How do I create a table with EF Core?"
  • "Can you help me find information about Northwind?"
  • and much more...

On the other hand, GPT is better for tasks that require automation or programmatic integration. For example, it could be used to create systems for:

  • Summarizing a page of text
  • Tailoring inputs to output in a specific manner e.g. input a url, and it outputs an SSW rule
  • Changing email content to fit a specific audience e.g. Product Owner, Developer, Designer etc
  • and much more...

Additionally, GPT provides an API that developers can leverage.

Video: ChatGPT vs. GPT - Which Is Better? - Q&A Comparison (2 min)

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