Do you check your AD security with PingCastle?

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"Active directory is quickly becoming a critical failure point in any big sized company, as it is both complex and costly to secure..." - PingCastle

PingCastle is an Active Directory auditing tool. It checks your accounts, computers and configuration in AD and gives you a great report on things that should be addressed. It is a tool that should be run periodically - every 3-6 months - to keep AD secure.

PingCastle is easy to install and run - see their documentation for more information. It is free to use in your own environment, or there are paid versions for MSPs and larger enterprises.

Bad example - The PingCastle report shows there is a lot of work ahead

Once you have run it, you get a great report on your Active Directory security health, with detailed recommendations of what you need to fix.

Figure: Example item from PingCastle, with detailed description and solution

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