Chinafy - Do you know about ICP filing?

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If you want to deploy your App to China and you want to use a domain name to access it, ICP filing is required. ICP requires some paperwork to prove the domain belongs to you.

ICP (Internet Content Provider) filing is for non-commercial websites that are purely informational and provide information free of charge. It shows as 浙ICP备20009588号, "浙" represents Zhejiang.

It typically includes the following:

  • The website owner must be a resident or enterprise of mainland China.
  • The website owner needs to provide valid identification and contact information.
  • The website's content must comply with the Chinese government's censorship standards and may not disseminate illegal or harmful information.
  • The website needs to display the ICP filing number on the website for verification by users and government agencies.

Related term:

Figure: Display the ICP filing number on bottom of website and link to

Figure: The website will be redirected to the exception page without ICP filing

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