Do you pay attention to your verbs?

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Choosing the right verbs in your prompts can significantly impact the results you get from ChatGPT. Verbs convey the desired action or result, and using appropriate verbs can help the model understand your intent more clearly.

Here are some tips for selecting the right verbs in your prompts:

  • Use clear, specific verbs that accurately describe the action or information you're seeking
  • Avoid using ambiguous verbs that could be interpreted in multiple ways
  • Consider the level of detail or depth you want in the response and choose verbs accordingly

"Tell me about the French Revolution."

Figure: Bad example - The verb "tell" is vague and could lead to a general or unfocused response

"Summarize the key events and outcomes of the French Revolution."

Figure: Good example - The verbs "summarize" and "key" provide clearer instructions and set expectations for the response.

By paying attention to your verbs and choosing them carefully, you can guide ChatGPT to generate more relevant and targeted responses that better meet your needs.

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