Do you brand your (computer safe) coffee mugs and water bottles?

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How often are you sitting at your desk typing away and having an open cup of tea or coffee or glass of water sitting right next to your computer? Do you know how much liquid it takes to kill your computer? The answer is not much; some of our developers found this out the hard way and on more than one occasion.

There is an alternative, though, which if in the event spillages occur, limits the amount of liquid being released. Travel safety mugs and sports water bottles are a great way of protecting your computer from unwanted damage from spillage.

They also make a fantastic gift to clients, which is an opportunity for you to have a constant reminder of your business in their face and their clients.

Give your clients branded keep cups and sports water bottles as a way of saying thanks to our clients for engaging our services. We also use them for ourselves in the office to protect our own computers. The minimal outlay for these items can literally save you thousands and could potentially start earning you money too.

keepcup branded boxes
Figure: Good example - Branded keepcups with branded boxes

ssw mugs
Figure: Good example - Branded mugs for your team to use when they are in the office ☕

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