DevOps – Stage 4: Do you continually improve processes?

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Now that you’ve got the numbers, you can then make decisions on what needs improvement and go through the DevOps cycle again.

Here are some examples:

  • For exceptions, review your exception log (ELMAH, RayGun, HockeyApp)

    • Add the important ones onto your backlog for prioritization
    • Add an ignore to the exceptions you don't care about to reduce the noise (e.g. 404 errors)
    • You can do this as the exceptions appear, or prior to doing your Sprint Review as part of the backlog grooming
    • You don't have to get the exception log down to 0, just action the important ones and aim to reduce the noise so that the log is still useful
  • For code quality, add getting Code Auditor and ReSharper to 0 on files you’ve changed to your Definition of Done
  • For code quality, add SonarQube and identify your technical debt and track it improve processes
  • For application/server performance, add automated load tests, add code to auto scale up on Azure
  • For application usage, concentrate on features that get used the most and improve and streamline those features
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