Control Choice - Do you use GridView over the CheckedListBox?

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In Web we have:

In Windows Forms we have a CheckedListBox. With a CheckedListBox you cannot:

  • Sort data - always useful when there are more than about 20 rows
  • Contain much information - can only show one field
  • DataBind - always costs heaps of code

Figure: Bad Example - The CheckedListBox is limited

Figure: Good Example - The DataGrid can show much more information (and if you use a 3rd Party eg. Telerik, then it can be pretty too)

In Windows Forms, the code of DataGrid databinding is easier than that of CheckedListBox.

ProductsService.Instance.GetAll(Me.ProductsDataSet1) CheckedListBox1.DataSource = Me.ProductsDataSet1.Tables(0) CheckedListBox1.ValueMember = "ProductID" CheckedListBox1.DisplayMember = "ProductName" For i As Integer = 0 To CheckedListBox1.Items.Count - 1 Dim checked As Boolean = CType(ProductsDataSet1.Tables(0).Rows(i)("Discontinued"), Boolean) CheckedListBox1.SetItemChecked(i,checked) Next Figure: 8 lines of code to fill a CheckedListBox ProductsService.Instance.GetAll(Me.ProductsDataSet1) Figure: One line of code to fill a DataGrid But the CheckedListBox is useful if only one field needs displaying.

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