Controls - Do you include a "select all" checkBox on the top?

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Do you have checkbox (on the top) that let users select or unselect all checkboxes underneath it? If you have a list of checkboxes, you are going to frustrate users unless you provide an easy way to select all. The best way to achieve this is to have a checkbox at the top.

Figure: Good Example - Hotmail does this

Figure: Google have done it a different way to provide multiple methods (All, All Read, All Unread, All Starred, and All Unstarred)

SQLAuditorSelectAll Bad
Figure: Bad Example - SQL Auditor - No CheckBox for users to perform a "select all"

SQLAuditorSelectAll good
Figure: Good Example - SQL Auditor - CheckBox at the top of the column

SQLAuditorSelectAll All
Figure: Selecting all does this - selects all

SQLAuditorSelectAll None
Figure: Deselecting all does this - selects none

SQLAuditorSelectAll Customize
Figure: Selecting some should show the Indeterminate check state - aka customized selection

Private Sub CheckBoxSelectAll_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles CheckBoxSelectAll.CheckedChanged 'Select checkbox in each row For Each sDataGridViewRow As DataGridViewRow In Me.DataGridViewCustomer.Rows sDataGridViewRow.Cells(0).Value = Me.CheckBoxSelectAll.Checked Next End Sub Code: Code for selecting all checkboxes in a windows form

SelectAllCheckBox Web
Figure: Select all checkboxes in a web form

<script type="text/javascript"> function SeleteCheckBox() { for (var n=0; n < document.form1.elements.length; n++) { if (document.form1.elements[n].type == "checkbox" && document.form1.elements[n].name == "gridview") { document.form1.elements[n].checked = document.getElementById("CheckBoxAll").checked; } } } </script> Code: Code for selecting all checkboxes in a web form We have suggestions for Visual Studio .NET about this at A top CheckBox to "select all" in windows forms and A top CheckBox to "select all" in web forms.

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