Controls - Do you include the number of results in ComboBoxes?

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When designing your form, you should try to help your user whenever it's possible. So it's a good idea to include the number of results in ComboBoxes.

For Windows Forms

combowf 1
Figure: Bad example - You can't tell the number of results and there is a scroll bar

combowf 2
Figure: Good example - The number of results is clearly displayed. Long text boxes larger than 30 entries, another approach can be employed - putting the common ones at the top

Figure: Bad example - Firstly because it is manual, plus what about the 4th, 5th, etc most common used countries

Figure: Bad example – This was a highly unpopular method of the sorting and counting above

We believe all combos should be able to be sorted ascending/descending and by popularity asc/desc.

sort alpha numeric
Figure: Good example - A better way to sort this

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