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Do you know to make short URL’s readable where you can?

Created on 07 Sep 2010 | Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 23 Mar 2021 12:52 AM (24 days ago)

Readability of URLs is important, so you should consider making a short URL. However, it is not just making the length as short as possible - it should be friendly.

If you use a shortened link people can't see what they are clicking through to. In fact, this is what most spammers rely on:

I want to be able to type this URL in, but it is VERY long:

Bad example - People can’t easily type this URL in... it is too long

Thanks Rob, that is great. Made a at

OK example - Short URL, but how will people remember that? And where are you going?

When you can, take the more readable option:

Thanks Rob, that is great. Made a at

Good example - Short URL, easier to remember

So you should only 'Auto Shorten URLs' when it is too long and you need the space.

However, it is becoming more prevalent for the software to support showing the full URL on rollover.

Figure: Good example – the application does the heavy lifting for you

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