Do you make URLs short and readable?

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Readability of URLs is important, so you should consider making a short URL. However, it is not just making the length as short as possible - it should be friendly.

If you use a unfriendly and long link people can't see what they are clicking through to. In fact, this is what most spammers rely on.


Bad example - The long URL makes it hard to clearly see what it will take you. People can’t easily type or remember it


Good example - The nice and clean URL makes it easy to see what the link is about

Sometimes even a nice URL can be improved by removing all the filler words and just keep the main keywords. This way your URL's are more friendly. Also, make sure your main keywords are relevant for searches.

Figure: Bad example - The filler words remain

Figure: Good example - The filler words removed and only 'juicy' words remain

Sometimes you are not in control of the link. In those cases, use Bitly to transform any long URL into a shorter, more readable link.

Auto-shorten link:

OK example - Auto-generated shorten URL - It's short but hard to remember

When have a Bitly account, you can customize links to a more readable option.

Custom shorten link:

Good example - Short URL, and easier to remember

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