Do you introduce a critical agent?

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Introducing a critical agent can help refine the output generated by ChatGPT. By asking the model to critique its own responses and revise them based on the feedback, you can improve the overall quality and usefulness of the information or assistance you receive.

Here are some tips for introducing a critical agent:

  • Make it clear that you want ChatGPT to critique its own output
  • Specify the aspects you want the model to focus on when evaluating its response
  • Encourage the model to make revisions based on the critique

"ChatGPT, write a short story about a robot who discovers its own emotions.

After writing the story, critically analyze it and provide suggestions for improvement."

Figure: Introducing a critical agent to refine the generated output

By introducing a critical agent, you can ensure that the model not only generates content but also reviews and refines it, leading to more polished and high-quality responses.

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