Customization - Do you enable your contacts to have more than the default 3 email addresses and phone numbers?

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Out of the box CRM4 only enables a contact to have 3 phone numbers (home, business and mobile) + 3 email addresses (but only one visible). A customization that almost everyone needs is to remove this limitation (to allow contacts to have an unlimited amount of phone numbers and email addresses).

Figure: Bad example - Out of the box a contact can only have 3 phone numbers and 1 email address

There are a few customizations needed to get the SSW Contact Makeover:

  • Show some hidden fields
  • Make some form changes to move to a new tab
  • Make a CRM frame (to add in a subform)
  • Add some entities
  • Add some form java script to hide the core Contact Details? tab when a user is entering a new contact

Figure: Good example - Enable the hidden fields and move it to a new tab. And now a Contact has 3 email addresses and phone numbers

Figure: Good example - After adding an entity, you add a frame show the unlimited contact details (phone, fax, email etc)

Q: So what is the end result? A: The end user experience to add a phone number is ..

Figure: Step 1: Double-click the contact (or right-click the contact and select Open) Open

Figure: Step 2: Select the tab 'More Contact Details'

Figure: Step 3: Click the button 'New Contact Detail'

Figure: Step 4: Enter the details and click button 'Save and Close' (top left)

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