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Do you know how to customize the Dynamics User Experience?

Dynamics isn't as customisable as your average React or Angular website and there are some prohibitive restrictions. For example, M:M relationship records can only be added, updated and viewed via grids.

Use the power of PCF controls to customize Dynamics 365 and provide more flexible functionality.

PCF controls let you use your favourite web technologies to develop customized components. You can use React, Angular, Bootstrap, web apis and more 😎. You no longer have to worry about learning new and confusing frameworks, you've got the power back in your hands!

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Figure: Take the power back with PCF controls!

PCF Gallery is a fantastic place to find all kinds of PCF controls that fit different use cases.

See Adam Cogan's blog post or the video on this rule to see how PCF controls can be applied in the real world.

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